Fiona. Yoga and Pilates teacher in and around South and West Yorkshire.

We first met Fiona at Ponds Forge in Sheffield where she was doing the most amazing demonstration to advertise the new gym opening. This involved Fiona and her friend  Emma doing a dance routine on a treadmill!!! It was an amazing thing to watch and we've since been told in now has more than a million views on YouTube!!!!!! Crazy stuff.

Fiona got in touch after this event and told us she required some shots to advertise her work which revolves around yoga and pilates as well as much more. This sounded like a great opportunity to get some great shots and we were both looking forward to meeting up and cracking on.

Fiona was so full of energy and ideas which left the shooting quite easy for us.

We had a great time down at one of the studio's Fiona works at and here are a little selection of images we shot as well as a full description of Fiona, her work and how to get in touch.

Thanks again Fiona, it was great to work with you.

"Fiona is a Yoga and Pilates teacher in and around South and West Yorkshire. Her background as a professional dancer and her love of movement has drawn her into the fitness and wellbeing industry. Trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, her classes are full of energy, rejuvenating and fun! The dynamic flows strengthen your body and calms your mind. Fiona’s Pilates classes are tailored to the client’s needs and she teaches rehabilitation Pilates up to advanced level. She believes a strong core and flexible spine is the secret to healthy living and a healthy mind. She is also qualified to teach pregnancy and post-natal Pilates and Yoga, and dance classes. Fiona enjoys being in the studio, and loves to share her passion of Yoga, Pilates and dance to her clients and students. Her classes are imaginative, inspiring and a great workout for all ages and abilities helping to balance the mind and body. Fiona offers 1-2-1 and small group classes".

Get in touch for bookings and details. 07713641355