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We first met Ròisín & PJ at a previous wedding we shot of Larah & James last year in Nottingham where Ròisín was a bridesmaid. We immediately hit it off during their bridal preps and made sure this lasted the rest of the day. So even though we hit it off we didn't expect the email we did from them a few months later which basically said "We're getting married in Ireland and do you want to come over a shoot it". We obviously thought long and hard about this and replied straight away saying "of course we bloody do!"

So after months of planning, pre-wedding shoots, cancelled Ryan Air flights and rough seas it was the day before the big day.

We flew into Dublin with a pretty bumpy landing and made our way to the meeting point we had arranged. Ròisín and her mum were waiting for us and we were ready for the hour journey south to the little town of Wicklow but not before stopping off for some sausages.

We'd done our research on the area but nothing could describe the beauty that is Ireland as we drove with full conversation and road rage to the quaint thistle town of Wicklow. We also managed to have a peek at their venue "Tinakilly House" and were blown away by the house, gardens and surroundings but it was time to check into our B&B and have a wander. 

We waved goodbye and wished Ròisín and her mum well as the next time we were supposed to meet was for her bridal preps in the morning. With this we checked in and headed out to take in the sights. By this point it was around 11am and we'd been up for 9 hours so was a little weary but nothing that a Guinness wouldn't sort out. We found a pub called the Bridge Tavern who were serving food and were met by nothing more than lovely people and amazing grub. Our first taste of the Irish way of life.

We probably thought it best to get our heads down for a few hours before some evening food and an early night ready for the big day but as we ventured back to The Bridge Tavern in the evening we were met by Ròisin, PJ and many of their family and friends. Within minutes of running into them both, their parents, siblings and friends surrounded our table to offer their welcome to Ireland and asking what we'd like to drink, Amazing! Never met such a welcoming bunch of people who would do anything for you, we loved it. Also which was great was the chance to see Larah & James again for the first time in a while. We arranged our transfers to the bridal preps in the morning with Brendan's lovely girlfriend and headed back for an earlyish night at the B&B.

We woke in the morning after a great nights sleep, peeked out of the window to our amazing sea view and fairly sunny day. After breakfast and camera equipment check we walked down to our meeting place for the 10 minute drive to the bridal prep house. 

We pulled up the steep driveway to the hill standing quaint house and entered to the sounds of hair dryers and laughter. Ròisín greeted us with smiles and a slight look of nerves as we were introduced to the rest of the guests. Sausages were cooked and handed round as we cracked on with the morning. The light streamed in through the large windows as a slight wind picked up outside and after covering what we needed to it was time to head over to Tinakilly House for our first meeting with PJ and his boys. Surprisingly at the last moment I found myself in the driving seat, driving 5 of us to the venue down the quiet roads of Ireland.

We met with an excited PJ once at Tinakilly House and his groomsmen were straight to us to offer their greetings, great bunch of guys. We headed down the gardens for a few shots then prepared for the arrival of the bride.

Pretty much on time, Ròisín arrived looking stunning with most beautiful dress as we entered the ceremony room. The ceremony was to be taken by Pastor Gerry Byrne who was an amazing and funny guy who kept everyone entertained throughout the ceremony and also put everyone at ease.

The ceremony was fantastic and after we headed outside to drinks and celebrations as we cracked on with the group shots and more candid shooting. At this time we also headed into the gardens with the bride and groom for some cool shots.

With everyone in high sprits and getting hungry it was time for their wedding breakfast an a great entrance of everyone waiving their napkins in the air. Speeches went down great as we headed off to edit for their evening slideshow.

The rest of the night went as fantastic as to be expected with many dancing to the live band they hired in. We were ordered to put the cameras away and joined in for some bad dancing and a few Guinness'.

So the Irish experience was just about over for us. We all met the next day in Phil Healy's for a  few snacks before it was time to head back to the airport and luckily for some leaving that day, avoiding Storm Ophelia. We banged down onto the tarmac at East Midlands airport looking forward to getting all the shots edited and reminiscing back about our amazing Ireland experience.

We would again like to thank Ròisín, PJ, their family & friends for making us feel so welcome all the time we were in Ireland.


Big Love

Nick & Nic