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Old Friends.


So we received a message through our website stating that Michael Parkin & Hannah Morgan were to be getting married in Wales and would we like to be their photographers. Mike is in fact an old school friend from our comprehensive days who moved to the big smoke to chase his dreams of music when he was about 18 and successfully did so. We'd had odd little meetings over the years and always felt like we were right back as things were when we were kids. So to be asked to shoot their day was massive and a total honour. Mike and Hannah are one of those couples who have been together years and fit together like peas and carrots {forest gump quote}. A perfect couple, excited by life, both pursuing their careers in music.

Excited we were too and on our way to the Gower peninsula in Wales to be shooting at the Oldwalls Gower wedding venue pretty much in the middle of nowhere. We arrived early and straight away and for the first time in years bumped into Mike to a great welcome. It had been too long!

Oldwalls turned out to be a great venue with pretty much everything a photographer would need to get some great shots. Llamas wandering and a range of musical talents set up for what was going to be a cracking laid back day.

We met with the stunning bride Hannah in high spirits and walked to the ceremony room which was packed with friends and family waiting for the big moment.

All day we were well looked after and shot candidly while different events unfolded. Bands playing, bridesmaids space hopping and badminton games.

After some cracking speeches it was time to prepare for the evening which included more of the same fun and an all important first dance.

We absolutely loved travelling down to Wales to be part of Hannah & Mikes big day and want to say a massive thank you to you both as well as a big congratulations.

Big Love

Nick & Nic



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