Holly & John's Bempton Church / Sledmere House Wedding Photography Blog.

We first met Holly & John last year when they visited our Elsecar Heritage Centre studio to discuss more about their big day. We instantly hit it off and knew we would be great to shoot their day and when they confirmed we were pretty excited. Their wedding was to take place at Bempton Church in East Yorkshire then a trip to the beach on the north side of Bridlington and to finally finish at Sledmere House in Driffield, East Yorkshire.

Their date soon came around and we found ourselves round at Holly's parents house in Bempton getting ready for the bridal preps. As we arrived we had a great welcome from both Holly, her bridesmaids and parents which was great and put us totally at ease. Everyone was in great spirits and no nerves seemed to be showing at all.

We manage to take Holly's dress and the bridesmaids dresses outside and hung them on a tree to get some super cool shots as well as some hair and make-up shots inside the house. After making sure we had all the shots we needed it was time to drive the short distance (about 20 seconds) to Bempton Church to get some groom photography.

As with the girls, John and his groomsmen were as cool as anything and ready for ceremony to get started. We managed to get some great shots of the boys and guest arrivals while we waited for Holly to arrive.

The ceremony went perfectly and as we had probably the most beautiful sunny day of the year we cracked on with the group images and headed down the north side of Bridlington to make the most of an amazing beach shoot.

Once there we were told about the most amazing colourful beach huts we could incorporate into our shots as well as sea and beautiful surroundings. After numerous jumping, running and cool shots in front of the huts we needed to head over to Sledmere House front for a couple more shots then fish and chips for their wedding breakfast.

As always Sledmere House looked stunning and Holly & John had made the barn look amazing. The evening went into full swing and with an arrival of more evening guests it was sure to be an amazing night.

We left Holly & John late in the night in knowledge that we had some amazing wedding photography for them and we can't thank them enough for making us feel so welcome all day. Their family & friends were amazing and added to what was a fantastic day.

Big big thanks again and a massive congratulations.

Nick & Nic


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