If You're Not Having Fun, What's The Point?? Wedding Wedding Photography Goals.

So the title of this blog is pretty self explanatory. It's all about fun. We seem to see so many shots recently which take on the moody and romantic side of wedding photography which is totally ace and we certainly post these type of shots on our various social media and website but lets just for a moment bring a few smiling happy faces to our blog to cheer up the week. 

In our shots below you'll see lots of happy people from our weddings and pre-wedding shoots which we have shot all over the country and even over seas. You also see a lack of gravity too with many people jumping sky high in a shot we seem to be known for. Just to note though that the jumping shot we do isn't for everyone and we only generally do this at our bride and grooms request. We need to make sure we cater for everyone but bring out our style in the shots we create.

As mentioned before, the shots below are from our pre-wedding shoots {which are included on all our full day packages} and from the bridal preps up until the end of the wedding night with many lubricated guests dancing the night away.

If you want to add a little non obtrusive fun into your wedding day, head over to our contact page and book a no obligation wedding meeting at our Elsecar Heritage Centre wedding studio. We'd love to hear from you.

Big Love

Nick & Nic