Emily & Kingsley's Engagement Shoot.

We've know Emily & Kingsley a while now and when they asked us to be their wedding photographers we were not only honoured but exited at the prospect of shooting two great peoples wedding. We knew they were both up for a little experimentation with our photography as you will see in the later shots but we also knew how natural they would be.

We met up at Keppels Column in Rotherham and started our trek across the muddy fields in rain and wind which seems to be standard at the moment for British weather. After much talking and catching up we eventually got down to taking some shots. Of course they were both so natural and looked amazing on every shot we took.

Coming to the end of the shoot we decided to get a little bit experimental. Using a technique known as double exposure we managed to get something a little different.

Thanks again to Emily & Kingsley and we cant wait to be shooting your big day.

Nick & Nic