Emma & Tom’s Autumn Ringwood Hall Wedding was sure to be a great day from the moment they booked with us.

In fact there is a little story to tell about how it happened. I’m going to paste what I wrote on a Facebook status at the time.

Here goes –

January 2014

*Long Story Status*

“Yesterday was a really rubbish day…… sort of. No one died but you know what I mean, just one of those days.
With stresses of mortgages and other modern day 1st world problems I was getting generally stressed out with just about everything. The previous day I had met with 2 lots of wedding couples in our studio and luckily managed to get a booking from the later meeting in the day to which we was pretty chuffed about and looking forward to shooting their wedding which was to take place next year. As I later found out, both of the couples had been to the wedding fare at Magna to have a look round the other wedding services available. This was then to result in one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced as a wedding photographer……
So following on from my rubbish day on Monday to which I also met with another lovely couple in the evening, I received a text message from the couple who I had met and booked with from the day before. As soon as I read the first line of the message I knew it wasnt going to be good news.
The text started – “Hi Nick, youre not going to believe whats just happened to us”
Thats it from then, I could see the words “we’re going to have to cancel your services” were going to appear later in the message……..
The next part of the message said that after going to the wedding fayre and entering lots of competitions, unbelievably they had won their wedding photography with another company.
I was gutted and my gut thought about them cancelling us had basically been confirmed. Rubbish frown emoticon Just waiting for the rest of the message to hear how sorry they were for having to cancel but who could really turn it down.
BUT WAIT!!!!!!…….
I carried on reading. The rest of the message said –

“DONT PANIC!!!!! we have turned it down lol after meeting you yesterday and seeing your work we felt confident and very excited for you to do them”


For Emma and Tom to do this me and Nic we are truly amazed and hugely grateful beyond what they would ever believe.

So this message is just to say a huge thanks to them and to say we cant wait to be shooting your wedding next year. We will create some stunning shots for you that you will have to remember for the rest of your lives.

Thank you Emma and Tom xx”

So there you have it and obviously we needed to make this special.

I’m not going to go in detail through what happened in the day as this it what the images are for but we can say that it was one amazing day and again big big thanks to Emma, Tom and all their family and friends.