So, it was December the 4th 2015. Our wedding day.

We had always decided from the start that we were going to do our own photography. Plus, being wedding photographers people had already said “so who’s doing your photography then”

We’d told enough people that it was going to be ourselves that was going to do it so there was no backing out now. The reason for shooting our own wedding photography wasn’t because we thought nobody else could get the images we wanted or because we didn’t want to pay for a photographer. Your wedding day is one of your most special moments in life where a bond between two is sealed. We always say to our bride and grooms, what do you want to look back on in 50 years time. What do you want to show your grandchildren. Reliving the feeling and atmosphere of your day is a truly exceptionional skill which a wedding photographer must possess.

We wanted to capture each other and the love we felt towards each other in a personal unscripted way. Shooting how we felt at that moment.

Nic shot her own bridal preps while I shot my own morning preps. Capturing the details of the moment as well as our two amazing boys Olen & William.

Our ceremony included our close immediate family followed by our own personal shots in the gardens of Clifton Park. The blustery and cold conditions of a British December did nothing to avert us from what we had planned. Using a tripod and timer we were able to shoot freely and create those lasting memories we have done for so many others. Now it was our time.

We will cherish these shots for as long as we shall live, look back in fifty years and re-live it all again.

Mr & Mrs Prescott-White

Nick & Nic