Our New Studio. Elsecar Heritage Center Wedding Photographers.

We decided a couple of days ago to go and visit where our new studio is going to be. We've now had a confirmation date as to when we are going to be in Elsecar Heritage Center. We are hoping for the 18th of April but then obviously we need a little time to get it sorted and get it looking top notch. At the moment the outside needs a good clearing and all the bins will be gone too but this will all be sorted for our move in date.

I'll also note that some of the shots taken here are by our boys Olen & William. I think they may be coming round to the idea of joining the family business when they're older.

We are really excited about getting into our new studio as we have many new plans, ideas and ventures we want to start all mainly aimed at giving our bride and grooms the best wedding photography ever!

We hope once we're in and set up you'll pop down and let us make you a cuppa.

Nick & Nic